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When’s the best time to visit? That all depends on when you can go, but each season has it’s positives and negatives for visiting German FKK Clubs.

Spring  March 1 – May 31
One of the best times of the year to visit; women are back from vacation, slow tourist traffic and decent weather. Not too warm and not too cold. Insects are not yet a big issue and airfares are lower than the Summer months. Sunny days are becoming more and more common, which means things can start taking place outdoors. Fewer tourists means more hotel rooms and fewer people jamming up transportation options. It makes being inside comfortable and no sweating in the rooms during sessions. The least amount of rainfall occurs in March.  In April and May, as the weather warms up, are some of the most humid months of the year, which can be a negative.

Summer June 1 – August 31
Not my favorite time to visit due to the flies and hot weather. Germany is not known for air conditioning. Plus, with many clubs located not far from rural areas with livestock, flies can be a problem. Even at night flies can be a pest inside the clubs. Yellow jackets have been getting worse over the last few years. Hair spary, gel, cologne, deodorant, food, soft drinks and juices will attract yellow jackets (wasps). Summer means vacation for most people, so that means more tourists. While some may argue that the number of women working is the same, from my experience many women go home and spend time with family during the Summer. Remember, many of these women come from countries with harsh winters and only a few months of good outdoor weather. Thus, June and July mean more men and fewer women. Then again, as they say “Even a bad day at a German FKK Club is better than a great day at work”. The best part about Summer is, the action moves outdoors. It’s common to see totally nude women sun bathing and even outdoor sex taking place. Roads and travel are safer due to the weather. Rain is another negative about Summer travel; expect the most rainfall during June.

Fall September 1 – November 30
Also a great time to visit German FKK Clubs since the tourists are gone, kids are back in school and women are working in full force. Remember, with Christmas just around the corner women are hungry and looking to make money to buy gifts. From decades of visiting hundreds of clubs, we feel this is the “peak FKK club talent” time. For you, that means more women to each man. Insects can’t deal with the cooler weather and become less of a problem. Clubs are cooler inside and there are still a few days or weeks of outdoor fun. This also means less rainfall as September is the second lowest rainfall month.

Winter December 1 – February 28
Airfares can be cheaper, but winter travel on the highways should only be undertaken by the most experienced drivers. Clubs are packed till about a week before Christmas and then things get a bit slow. The benefit is that many guests have ample vacation time during this period so they have to take advantage of the time off. No insects, no hot rooms and no crowds at peak times. Some clubs will run specials during this time when things get slow.

What are the average temperatures for German FKK Club visits? See this page

Best time to visit German FKK Clubs

Weather in Germany may affect the clothing you bring for your FKK Club Tour

Most of the time you’ll be indoors enjoying your visit to the best FKK Clubs. Summer Months, while hot, offer outdoor fun by the pool and nude sun bathing.

Average Temperatures:

Warmer Months, dress for hot weather
June: Average low 51° F, average high 72° F
July: Average low 54° F, average high 76° F
August: Average low 55° F, average high 76° F
September: Average low 49° F, average high 67° F

Cooler Months, dress for colder weather
October: Average low 40° F, average high 58°F
November: Average low 34° F, average high 47° F Possible Snow
December: Average low 27° F, average high 41° F Possible Snow
January: Average low 23° F, average high 40° F Possible Snow
February: Average low 25° F, average high 41° F Possible Snow
March: Average low 33° F, average high 47° F
April: Average low 39° F, average high 58° F
May: Average low 47° F, average high 67° F

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