Wifi Internet Access

Can I get Internet (WIFI) or MIFI access while on my FKK Club Tour?
We offer free Wifi at our hotels. Over the  years, access to Internet WIFI at the clubs has changed. At first it was embraced, but as issues appeared with illegal downloads and streaming, access has changed. Many U.S. cellular providers offer International phone access while you travel.

Clubs that offer Wifi:
Park Sauna Residence
Living Room
Dolce Vita

Cell Phones, SIM cards and Wifi (MIFI) Rental Companies
If you require constant Internet WIFI access, you might consider renting a mobile hotspot.
CelloMobile Phones, SIM Cards and Wifi Hotspots
Cellular Abroad Phones, SIM Cards and Wifi Hotspots
TEP Wireless Phones, SIM Cards and Wifi Hotspots
Skyroam Global WIFI
My Webspot
Telecom Square



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