Just reading our website, it’s obviously written by a native English speaker, not someone who speaks English as a second language. You’ll experience the same with our US native guides. While many of our guides are American and German, they’re fluent in both languages. We’ve been doing tours longer than some Germans have been going to Europe’s best sights. With over 30 years of Europe travel, familiarity with the culture and contacts with management, no other Guided Travel service has more experience or knowledge.

We take pride in personally knowing more destinations than anyone. ┬áIt’s who you know in this business, and we know them all.

Rest assured, you’ll be traveling and visiting with the best. Our prices can’t be beat because we do more trips than anyone, period. We invented the lessor known sighting destinations trips concept back in 1995 when almost no one knew about these locations. We paved the way for non-Germans to get to these unique sites, who at first rejected non-Germans. When you’re on one of our trips, you’ll learn the rules in plain English. You’ll learn about the history, beginnings, culture and even odd stories about what happens. Bizarre tales and events. Yes, we’ve seen it all, done it all and take pride in having a strong repeat customer base with over 1,000 completed trips and over 5,000 repeat guests who keep coming back. We’re the only authorized unique sightseeing tour to offer our guests discount entry to certain clubs.

It should be known and understood that our guides are also hobbyist and partake in the fun while on tour. This is reflected in our rates and needs to be considered by guests. If you think your guide should be on call to you 100% of the time and not have the option to enjoy their time at the clubs, please contact us for custom rates which will reflect this option. After all, how is your guide to be constantly adding info to his database about the women if he can’t experience places himself?

There are sightseeing destinations that are really just tourist traps, which means they are similar; however, they cater to the Tourists, not the locals, thus YMMV. Which means you may be tricked or forced to pay double, triple or more the actual going rate. Knowledge is power and can differ greatly by the self-proclaimed online discussion board experts. The bullshit they spread claiming “How easy it is”, and you don’t need an expert”speaks for itself.

This is not just “holding your hand” as some idiot claimed one day. It’s a matter of having a great time at a well-matched destination, which can cost you hundreds of Euros. What we do know is these types of guests will never post their mistakes to the internet because they can never be wrong. We’ve heard all the stories of being lost and spending the night on the side of the road, police stops, drunk driving violations, speeding tickets which show up weeks later on your credit card bill. Do you really think what took years to learn by a German speaker can be done by just reading a discussion forum?

We make it simple and easy; one low price includes airport pick up, return, hotel, transportation to and from the clubs and fluent German and English-speaking guides who explain the rules, culture and how it all works. Nothing to worry about from the moment you arrive; your guide will meet you at the airport, you’ll be transported directly to the hotel and then each evening to your private hotel room. You’ll be with other English-speaking guests with whom you can share the good times and camaraderie when visiting Europe, just like the locals.


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