FKK Tours makes getting to the best FKK Clubs easy!

Just reading our website, it’s obviously written by a native English speaker, not someone who speaks English as a second language. You’ll experience the same with our American born guides. While many of our guides are American and German, they’re fluent in both languages. We’ve been doing tours longer than some Germans have been going to FKK Clubs. With over 20 years of FKK Club visits, familiarity with the culture and contacts with management, no other FKK Club tour service has more experience or knowledge. We take pride in personally knowing more owners, managers and staff at more FKK Clubs than anyone.  It’s who you know in this business and we know them all.

Rest assured, you’ll be traveling and visiting with the best. Our prices can’t be beat because we do more tours than anyone, period. We invented the FKK Club tour back in 1995 when almost no one knew what an FKK Club was. We paved the way for non-Germans to get into clubs, who at first rejected non-Germans. When you’re on one of our tours, you’ll learn the rules in plain English. You’ll learn about the history, beginnings, culture and even odd stories about what happens at the clubs. Bizarre tales and events, like guests who take their last breath at a club during a session. Yes, we’ve seen it all, done it all and take pride in having a strong repeat customer base with over 1,000 completed tours and over 5,000 repeat guests who keep coming back. We’re the only authorized FKK Club tour to offer our guests discount entry to certain clubs.

In fact, our close contacts with the clubs allowed us to arrange video taping of the interior of several clubs for our promo DVD and news reports.  We know FKK Clubs better, longer and have done more tours than anyone.

When it comes to adult entertainment and the world’s most beautiful women, people don’t usually think about Germany, a country known for high-end sports cars, luxury sedans, sharp knives, fine optics and superior mechanics. Germans are perfectionists and are always finding new ways to refine and make something better. About 30 years ago, in a small town near the former capital of Bonn, one man had a new concept for adult entertainment. Thus the FKK Club concept was born; no pressure, up selling, hidden costs or dark bars. The concept was simple and centered around the customer. Arrive and pay a fair entry fee for the use of the premises, which includes food, drink, alcohol, a pool, sauna and massage. Throughout the club, you’ll find totally nude women lounging around waiting to meet you. No bargaining, haggling or bait and switch; just good consistent service.

The term FKK was originally used by nudists, when translated into English it means “Free Body Culture”. When applied to adult entertainment in Germany, it meant there was nudity in the club. While at more traditional clubs and bars the women and customers were totally dressed, in FKK clubs everyone was naked. While the women were totally nude with the exception of high heels, the men often wore a towel around the waist and bath slippers. Many of the original clubs began in private homes, some in small villages, others in industrial complexes.

Being a very private and discreet business, most clubs are not easily seen from the street or public venues. Some are located within city limits, while most are off the beaten path and secluded in a country setting. A few are located in plush mansions with well manicured grounds and ample parking. Others have been built within warehouses and farms with room to expand. Some clubs have retained the total nudity for men, while others have added bath robes for those who are less keen on being exposed.

The concept has changed over the last decade from being a place to visit for an hour or two to a place to spend the entire day. From freshly prepared meals made while you wait to home made self -serve buffet meals to complete sit down restaurants, food can now be found at most clubs. Bottled soft drinks and high-end German beer can also be found at a few clubs, which is included in the entry fee. Enjoy fresh ground coffee, assorted teas, juices and local holiday drinks. Most clubs offer local German beer on tap so you can drink as much as you wish. Swim in the pool or relax in a whirlpool with a girl or two. Get a professional massage or just lay out in the sun.

Showers and toilets are all professionally cleaned and monitored by full time staff whose only goal is to ensure total cleanliness. Towels, robes and slippers are all provided at no extra charge. Many clubs provide free Wifi, so bring your iPad, tablet or laptop. A few clubs even offer billiard tables, ping pong and fussball for entertainment. Clubs are often visited by groups of friends who enjoy a drink together, chat with the women, dine on fine food and soak in a sauna.

If you love beautiful women, and spending quality time with them, then treat yourself to a visit to Germany’s best FKK Clubs. We make it simple and easy; one low price includes airport pick up, return, hotel, transportation to and from the clubs and fluent German and English speaking guides who explain the rules, culture and how it all works. Nothing to worry about from the moment you arrive in Germany; your guide will meet you at the airport, you’ll be transported directly to the clubs and then each evening to your private hotel room. You’ll be with other English speaking guests with whom you can share the good times and camaraderie men do when visiting the clubs, just like the locals.

Price, quality of women, food and facilities are second to none. Women from all over the world come to Germany to work in the clubs, which are legal, safe and taxed by the government. FKK Club Tours has been serving the world for over 20 years providing safe, legal and professional tours to Germany’s best FKK Clubs. Our reputation stands alone with decades of experience, knowledge and close connections with the clubs. We accept MasterCard and Visa in U.S. Dollars so your payment will be up to 30% less than when paying in Euros.

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