Health Tips

Health Tips for German FKK Clubs

1. Drink lots of liquids to ensure you can urinate after sex; this will usually flush out anti-bodies with a hot stream of liquid.

2. Brush your teeth at the hotel before you visit a club; it’s not a good idea to brush and have oral contact within a few hours. The reason for this is that brushing causes micro abrasions and bleeding.
You don’t want to have oral contact with fresh abrasions or any bleeding.

3. Bring mouthwash and use it liberally; this means before you partake and shortly after you partake.

4. Wash well with soap all areas of contact. You may want to invest in your own anti-bacteria soap.

5. Use baby power to keep genital areas dry; fungus and viruses grow where it’s wet.

6. Take Cranberry Extract tablets or eat dried Cranberries. ¬†Cranberry juice only works if it’s the natural unfiltered type found in health food stores.



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