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Are the women who work at FKK Clubs checked by doctors?
Do the women who work at FKK Clubs have medical exams?

Yes, women are checked by doctors and are given regular medical exams. Some clubs are more public about it than others. Bernd’s Sauna Club, for example, has their own doctor who does regular tests and exams to ensure the women are healthy and safe. Samya has a doctor who examines the women and gives tests; the club has the doctor’s info posted at the entrance if a customer wishes to inquire.

Should you be concerned about STDs, HIV or other diseases it’s best to use condoms for all activity and avoid kissing.

From our experience in over 20 years, disease is rare but more common at the larger clubs located near bigger cities. One has to consider that the bigger clubs that cater to everyone, including conventions and high tourist traffic draw customers from all over the world. People coming from high disease regions such as Asia, Africa and South America will increase the odds of disease.

When in doubt, demand a condom for all activities.

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