Finding the Lowest Airfare for your FKK Club Tour

Decide on the dates of travel:
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The best months in terms of weather are April – May and September – October.
The least expensive months to travel are November – December and January – April.

You’ll be flying to the Frankfurt am Main International Airport (Airport Code FRA).
Note: airfares can change depending on the day you depart and return, so if possible look at flights that depart a day early and return a day later. Often you can add extra days or go sight seeing on your own during these extra days.

Depending what time of year you visit, know the positives and negatives before you travel. Often the warmer months of the year are crowded with tourists, have higher airfares and fewer women. What most people don’t consider is that Europe, especially Eastern Europe, has fewer months of sunshine and warm weather. Women prefer to be at home with loved ones during these warmer months and to work during months with poor weather. Makes sense if you think about it; why be at home with snow or rain when you could be at a club working. Thus we don’t recommend the Summer as the best time to visit if you want maximum women at the clubs.

FKK Club airline fares

Airfares over the last decade have risen, especially due to 9/11 and the implementation of TSA, which has caused airfares to be highly taxed Read More

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