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FKK Club Tour has been serving the FKK Club community for over 20 years, with more satisfied customers and club contacts than any other tour operator. We take pride in making it simple; no low ball prices and we don’t cancel tours should there not be enough guests. We’re also the only FKK Club tour provider that offers official discount entries to some of the clubs.

Our guides provide first-hand information, not second-hand chat on the internet from people who’ve only visited a club or two. Our guides take pride in personally knowing management and staff and getting info directly from the source. Far too often, info on the internet is second-hand or based on false assumptions.  The internet is filled with ‘wanna be’ experts who assume everything and make up stories.

Learn from the true experts who live the business and earned their reputation over years of working in the industry.

We take pride in guiding our guests with suggestions and information that is second to none. Don’t make common newbie mistakes of walking into a club and doing the wrong things, wasting money selecting the wrong women or getting into trouble because you just don’t know what you’re doing.  FKK Clubs are open to the general public but are still private in the respect that they can and will refuse entry to some guests. If someone tells you this does not happen, it’s because they’ve not spent enough time in clubs to witness it. 

We’re the ORIGINAL FKK CLUB TOUR and first FKK CLUB TOUR to offer German FKK Club Tours.  We’ve been doing these tours longer than anyone, with over 20 years of guiding groups and individuals and over 1,000 successful tours.  We have more repeat guests and club contacts at more clubs than anyone.  We offer our services in U.S. Dollars, which is typically 25% less expensive than paying directly in Euros. Check  prices offered in EUROS HERE before considering any costs.
Beware of persons claiming to offer tours who don’t accept credit cards directly and request you to bring large sums of cash. Copy cats won’t offer secure and discreet credit card payment on their own system. With FKK Club tour, you’re dealing with Americans who speak both fluent English and German.  Websites that are obviously written by non-fluent English speakers is a sign of dealing with third party, non-American Copy Cats.

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