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Welcome to the world of FKK Clubs. The first time visitor might be intimidated upon arriving. After all, the term FKK comes from the European nudist movement. Thus, it’s common for people to be naked at the clubs. Most clubs understand that some visitors might have a problem with nudity; therefore, they offer bath robes in addition to the usual bath towel, which is commonly wrapped around the waist. Our advice is to do your best to fit in as those who wear beach wear, personal robes or clothing will bring more attention to themselves. Being naked inside an FKK Club is normal and common. Like they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Some of the clubs have showers located in the rooms or in more private areas, so be sure to ask your guide for help with this as every club is different. Most importantly, if you plan to visit a club on your own don’t be the fool who enters places that are off limits to guests. Don’t go around trying to open doors that are obviously shut for a reason. If you do go alone, take your time and observe other guests and what they do and don’t do. There is always someone who gets lectured by staff for entering a private or staff only area.

Be polite and display some manners; you’d be surprised how many non-Europeans arrive  unprepared and enter a club without basic knowledge. They end up looking like a fool or low life.

Common Tips
(You’d be surprised how many people don’t follow these common rules)
Don’t touch bread with your hands, use tongs or other utensils. If necessary, use a napkin to take bread from its place
Don’t touch fruit unless you plan on removing it from the bowl
Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough
Flush after using the toilet
Use mouthwash when you arrive or after eating
Clean up after yourself; most clubs have a dirty dishes area or counter
Drop off your empty drink container at the bar (they’ll thank you)
Used towels should be put in proper containers provided in the locker room or shower area
Say thank you after someone serves you, “Danke”.
Don’t put your feet on furniture, especially tables and places where people place drinks or food.

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