FKKTOUR Club Group Tour Dates

Group tours are the best way for most people to visit an FKK Club; most Germans visit with a few friends and make an evening out of it. When visiting with a group, plus an experienced guide, you’ll have access to years of experience. Not just from someone who has been to a few clubs over the years, but from someone who knows the staff personally, has been behind the scenes and gets their info from the club owners and staff. The internet is a great place to start your search for FKK Club info, but many people claiming to be experts receive their info second hand or based on assumptions. We get our info from the owners and management; much of this info is something never revealed to normal guests. We offer more Group Tour dates than anyone because we’ve been doing this longer and have more customers.

A group visit will save you money; your guide will show you the ins and outs of picking the right woman. This differs from reading internet reports with experiences from people you don’t even know.  While internet reports can only go so far, we have other more advanced methods and info which helps to limit making the wrong choice. Groups also allow you to exchange info first hand and engage in conversation easily with the women since your guide likely knows most of the women. Plus, the smart working girl knows that when she performs well all our guests will be aware of it. Being a lone tourist is an invitation to disaster as women often notice this and take advantage. Remember, local Germans who visit don’t put up with poor service.  They often take their complaints to the front desk. Women know that repeat guests, or guests like your guide visit often. Women who want repeat business make sure a guest is happy because they want them to come back again. Tourists on the other hand are rarely seen again, thus there is less incentive to provide good service. They get the same money and do less, knowing it’s just a one time thing. This concept has been proven time and again at many clubs, especially the smaller clubs. Our guides are often asked their opinions on a woman’s performance. Germans differ from non-Germans in that they will complain, thus keeping the women in line and the standards high.  Find one of our Group tour dates that works for you; you’ll be glad you did!

Sign up for our mailing list for special ‘Group Tour Dates’ last minute offers and discounts for our FKK Tour trips SIGN UP HERE. FKK Club Tours offers more tour dates, with at least 2 years’  advance notice (because we’ve been in business longer). Trust the company that started FKK Club Tours. No matter what time of year, we offer Group Tour Dates. Sign up for our Group Tour Dates mailing list using the link above for more trip dates and offers. If your visit or time off does not fit the Group Tour dates listed, please contact us as sometimes we have tours taking place which are not listed.


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