Obersalzberg Bunker

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Bunkeranlage Obersalzberg
Hintereck 2, 83471 Berchtesgaden, Germany

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It’s advised to combine the Obersalzberg Bunker Complex and the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest) because they use the same parking lot which makes it convenient and both are within walking distance of each other.

It’s a walk thru museum of sorts where each guest if provided with a audio player with stops along the way where audio plays and explains the exhibit.
How long it takes you will all depend on how detailed you want to get and how much of the audio you want to hear. The start of the exhibit is two floors Nazi Propaganda, war info and concentration data, after which you enter a tunnel area that is part of the original bunker complex with actual rooms, ventilation, stairwells and entry and access ways. You could walk the entire complex in an hour without audio but it could easily take several hours and depending on traffic could take even longer during peak months.

NOTE: You could combine a day and visit both the Kehlsteinhaus Eagle’s nest as well as the Obersalzberg Bunker next to the lower parking lot

Bunker map Obersalzburg


Bunkeranlage Obersalzberg (Bunker Complex)
Is well worth your time and effort. Note that you should arrive earlier than later in the day because tickets sell out quickly as this is one of the most popular WWII sites in

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