What’s the best airline to travel to German FKK Clubs?

Travel with us, arrive at the Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA) and you’ll be a few minutes walk from your guide and group. Nothing to worry about; we pick you up, arrange all your transportation and hotel while on tour. We even get you back to the airport. Relax and leave all the logistics to us. Why worry about travel, maps, addresses and when to visit? Plus, you won’t be alone as you’ll have other guests who speak the same language. Our huge repeat guest following is one of the reasons we’ve become the biggest and best FKK Club tour group. Arrive as a stranger and depart as a good friend. Remember, drinking and driving in Germany don’t mix; German alcohol standards are strict. It’s common for police to set up traffic stops and test drivers on the spot.

What’s the best airline?
This will depend on what country you’re coming from or from what city in the United States you originate. If you’re going to be traveling to Germany to visit German FKK Clubs at least twice a year, you should consider joining an airline frequent mileage program. While fares are not the lowest overall, usually after just two trips the miles accumulated are enough for one free trip.  Thus, you need to think in terms of what three trips will cost if you’re only paying for two. The other benefits are that frequent flyers sometimes receive upgrades such as more leg room, lounge access and priority boarding.

The best airports to fly to are
Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS)

Make sure you don’t get confused with the Frankfurt Hahn airport, which is not an international airport.

We do provide private and personal tours for DUS area.  However, all our group tours start and end at FRA airport.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of these trips, it might make sense to select an airline and join their mileage program in order to earn free travel over time.

If you just want a low fare, start off with a travel search engine like Kayak.
Enter your departure airport and “FRA” for your destination. Find your tour dates HERE.  If planning one of our 6 or 8 day tours, remember you need to ARRIVE on the first day of the tour, so for the U.S. you need to depart one day prior. You’ll lose one day traveling to Germany and arrive on the same day you depart when coming home. You’ll depart the day AFTER the last day of the tour.

Once you enter your origin airport, destination airport and arrival and departure dates, make sure you select Expedia and other comparison sites, then hit “SEARCH”.
TIP: You can usually get a lower fare by changing the dates of travel by a few days.  Think about adding days to your trip (we offer this) or doing some solo sightseeing.

Pay close attention to total travel time of the flight you select; while a low price is important, you don’t want to be sitting at an airport for 8 hours waiting on a connection.

Check out some really low fares with these airlines
Air Canada
American Airlines
Condor (German Discount airline)
Lufthansa (German Airline)

Free Economy Plus seating (extra legroom)

Look for the Wifi Logo on the aircraft exterior

Other airlines now offering Wifi

Air Canada
British Airways
Hong Kong Airlines
Japan Airlines
Saudia Arlines
Singapore Airlines

Finding low priced airline fares for your FKKTOURS Club Tour

Yes, you need a passport to visit Germany.
The first step is to determine when you can go. Check out our calendar here.

Over the last decade, airline fares have risen at an alarming rate. Part of this is due to airline mergers, increase in jet fuel prices and government taxes. With fewer airlines there are fewer flights, which means less competition. Fuel costs have also risen, which caused the airlines to add fuel fees and to increase the price of each ticket. After September 11, 2001 the Patriot act, Homeland Security and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) came to be. The government formed TSA and passed on the costs to the airlines and its customers.

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