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FKK Club Tour Banking and ATM Suggestions

When traveling to Germany it’s best to find out if your local bank has partnerships with German banks. Often, doing transactions with partner banks means no service charges for ATM withdrawals or lower costs.

We recommend not bringing large sums of money; legitimate, professional and established tour providers all accept Visa or MasterCard payments.  Any tour provider who asks you to bring CASH should be a big red flag. Rip offs and Scam alert: never pay for your tour in CASH if the amount is over $300. Not only is this a security risk, but it’ll cost you far more in exchange and bank fees.

While on your tour, you should use an ATM for daily entertainment costs. Make sure you contact your bank before you travel to inform them you’ll be travelling to Germany and for how long. This ensures that when you make transactions in another country the bank won’t lock or disable your account thinking the transactions are fraudulent. You may also be able to have your bank raise the daily withdrawal amount. For example, Bank America Business accounts can be raised from the normal daily limit of $500 to $1,500 for a period of 2 weeks.

United States of America
Bank America is a Partner with Deutsche Bank, which means lower costs and fees for your transactions while on an FKK Club Tour.


Foreign ATMs may charge both ATM fees and currency conversion/international transaction fees for withdrawals. Find out if you can reduce your banking fees when traveling. For example, Bank of America waives ATM fees for banks in the Global ATM Alliance. If you cannot find a partner bank, limit how often you use ATMs by always withdrawing as much cash as you feel comfortable carrying.


While we’ve never had any problems with theft in Germany while on our tours, it’s still recommended to:

1. Leave a record of your card numbers and passport with a friend back home. If your belongings are lost or stolen, you can call your friend to get your key information.
2. As a precaution, have at least two forms of payment when traveling, such as a debit card and a credit card, in case one of them is not accepted as payment where you are traveling.
3. Keep a written record of your card numbers, and their overseas emergency telephone numbers, apart from the cards themselves. If you lose your wallet, you’ll be able to contact your bank and credit card companies.
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