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FKK World is about 45 minutes north of Frankfurt center, using public transportation to get to the club involves multiple options such as ICE, S Bahn and Buses.

FKk World will be celebrating a 10 year anniversary, known as one of the largest clubs in Germany, originally the structure was the home of a CEO from a office furniture factory
once located across the street.  As you enter the facilty at FKK World the old 6 car parking garage is located on the right. The main entrance is still located on the left as you enter today.
Note the UK style phone booth out front which can be used for privacy when making phone calls via your cell phone.

There are two levels within FKK World, the upper main level with main contact room, larger bar, Kino (Porn Theater), Restaurant, Kitchen, Main showers, Entrance desk, ATM and Theme rooms.
The lower level of FKK World has additional rooms, indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, steam sauna, bio Sauna, Sauna, smaller bar (self service during day time hours), smaller shower, 2 private

Visitors should know that this large two level metal and glass structure was once a home of a CEO of a furniture company which was located just across the street. The six car garage today is the main office with staff living quarters located just behind them is now used to house women who live at the club. The original indoor and outdoor pools are still in use today. The grounds include a small pond located just off the walkway from the second parking area. The compound has two fences, the original tall black metal fence which surrounds the home where it opens into the garden area. Plus the secondary wooden fence which was added by the club when it changed hands. The garden has outdoor cabins, lounge chairs and platforms. A sand volleyball court and a concrete ping pong table are located on one side of the building. On the other side is an outdoor bar with a sand area called the “Beach Club”.  A new addition is the outdoor bar just next to the outdoor pool with shaded seating. Further in the back is the “Grill Hut” which is where the club BBQ’s during the summer months. Guests are free to roam the gardens and use the cabins for sessions with the women. A new outdoor sauna is just outdoor from the indoor saunas.

FKK Club World is located about

Grüninger Weg
35415 Pohlheim- Garbenteich
Tel.: 06404-659389

Website FKK Club World

65€ Entry Fee
50€ 30 Minutes
100€ 60 Minutes

Daily 11:00am – 04:00am
Friday – Saturday 11:00am – 05:00am
Holidays to be announced

FOOD: Included
Hot Buffet Served all day
Breakfast 11:am – 3:00pm
Lunch-Dinner 3:00pm – Closing

Coffee, Tea
Beer On Tap

Extra Charge for:
Red Bull

Indoor pool
Outdoor pool
Volley Ball Court
Outdoor BBQ area
Beach Bar with Sand
Sun Bathing area
Indoor Whirlpool
Indoor Sauna
Bio Sauna
Outdoor Sauna

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