Bernd’s Sauna Club


FKK club Bernd’s is about 1 hour 25 minutes north (154km) of Frankfurt center, using public transportation to get to the club involves multiple options such as ICE, S Bahn, Buses and Taxi.

FKK club Bernd’s or “Schieferhof” as the locals refer to it and named after the street it resides on. Bernd’s is the mother of all clubs as its the club which invented and pioneered the term “FKK Club”. Over 30 years ago Bernd’s a local German was tired of the typical brothel system so he developed his own. Starting with just two women and his basement Bernd’s was born. It’s the rules and service which set Bernd’s apart. The business and staff quickly grew due to word of mouth and satisfied customers. The original club consisted of a basement bar, pool, sauna and rooms. Soon the entire home all three levels became the club it is total.

Over the years the club has purchased parking area for the abundance of vehicles. Lot 1. located 50 feet to the right as you stand before the club. Lot 2. Is located at the other end of the street on the left side. There are 4 parking spots directly in front of the club. Please do not park in front of other homes or in private areas along the street. Keep noise and talking to a minimum while outside as the club is located in a residential area with children and families.

Common options and offerings
1. One price covers it all, GFE etc.* However this may vary depending on customer cleanliness
2. Women must be naked with the exception of high heels
3. Alcohol, drinks, food included
4. Women are not allowed to approach or initiate service until a guest begins
5. Women offer the guest a drink before and after a session
6. Session begins on the couch with kissing, Oral
7. The entire session can happen on the couch or anywhere in the club
8. No hiding women’s bodies via poor lighting or clothing (You get what you see)
9. No up selling, hidden fees or games

For over three decades Bernd’s has been attracting guests from all over the world. Known for their superior GFE service an eager to please staff. Located in a small village 5km or (5 minutes) from the nearest Autobahn in a residential home. Park in one of the three parking areas and walk up the driveway to the large metal door. Ring the bell and an attractive totally naked woman will greet you. This used to be very common in Germany at the Red Carpet clubs but is now a rare treat.

The woman will ask you if you’ve been before and lead you to the front desk where you’ll pay the entry fee of 70 Euros. Sessions with the women are 50 euros, anal is 50 Euros extra. Note you don’t pay the girls after each session, she’ll ask you for your name and locker number, she’ll run a tab and you’ll pay what you owe when you leave. Once you pay you’ll be lead down the hall to one of the locker rooms. One on the right and the other on the left. You’ll be given two towels, one which you wrap around your waist and the other small towel for showering. Bernds’ does not offer robes so if you have a problem with wearing a towel you’ll have to bring your own robe. Should you not have enough room in your locker you can place your shoes on top of the locker. It’s best to as they say “When in Rome do as the Roman’s” and just wrap the towel around you. Doing anything else such as bringing a robe or dressing in something will only bring you unwanted attention.

Once undressed and ready for action the only off limit area is upstairs so don’t try climbing the stairs next to the entrance door. There are two bars, one on the entry level and another in the basement. Hard drinks, bottled beer, coffee, tea, juices and soda are all included. To the left of the front bar is the food area which once was an open room for sex. That photo on the wall has been there for decades of the naked woman. As the times changed and food became a staple Bernd’s included buffet style food. Sometimes local German dishes and at other times food from other countries. Inside the food area on the left you’ll find a hot plate with the main course. To the right is a glass enclosed refrigerator with cold cuts, cheeses, salads, desert and other goodies. Plates are to the right on a table, note bus your own dishes when finished and place them in the tray under the table where the clean dishes are. Separate the utensils and put any uneaten food in the trash.

There are two tables, one that seats four and another that seats two. Some of the time you’ll find the women dining as well and your welcome to have a seat and join them. On special occasions they’ll offer exotic dishes, cultural items and theme meals to go with the parties and special events. Please do not take food into the club, don’t leave dirty dishes on the tables. Snacks in the form of cookies, candies, (peanut butter flavored cheese puffs) and chips are almost always available at both bars.

In the main hallway on the main level you’ll find a towel rack with help yourself towels. A tall metal box with slots where you can deposit tips for your girl. And the entry counter where you paid entry and will pay your tab before you depart. There is one toilet with sink located on the main floor to the left as you enter just across from the front counter. There is a urinal downstairs next to the showers in the basement in the back across from the sauna.

There are rooms on all levels, one upstairs, 3 on the main level and 3 down stairs. The main lounge upstairs has a large flat screen monitor running porn. Couches line the walls of the lounge. The club installed AC a few years back. The club is NO SMOKING so if you need to smoke you’ll have to exit the club into the back garden. During the winter months there’s a small one room hut in the garden which is used as the smoking area. During the summer the garden is used for sun bathing, outdoor sex, BBQ’s and even a cold water shower to cool off.

Once you make your way down the stairs to the basement you’ll enter another couch lined room with a bar around the corner to the right. Notice the glass window on the wall at the other end of the room. That’s the “Bubble Room” which has a bed and sofa for those who don’t mind being watched. To the right are three rooms, the last to the right is the “Relax room” where you can watch TV, sports etc. take a nap on the lounge chair or relax and use the free Wifi. Should you wish to use the Wifi you’ll need to go upstairs to the bar and get the long all numbers password and SSD. The internet works pretty well once connected, your device should automatically re-connect the next time you visit.

If you follow the hallway to the back of the club just left of the bar you’ll find more towels and a sauna at the rear left. Next to the sauna is a sink where you can shave, wash etc. The door at the end of the hallway is off limits and leads to stairs out of the club. To the right are two shower stalls and the urinal. You’ll find some clear small cup and mouth wash on the window sil next to the showers.

A typical session at Bernd’s works like this. Find the girl of your dreams and go sit by her. If you don’t sit close enough don’t expect a reaction so make sure you touch her or get her attention. She’ll often turn on like you hit a switch with a smile and a touch back. She’ll offer you a drink, engage you with some conversation and then the fun will begin. Kissing, fondling, yes you’re allowed to touch. Soon she’ll begin to touch below your towel and see if you’re having a reaction. That can lead to oral and hand stimulation right there in the lounge. Now this is all very common and nothing to get alarmed about. You can at anytime request going to a private room. Once in the room the fun begins. Condoms are provided by the woman and required for sex.

Be sure to check out the photos of the women HERE while the club is based on the FKK system (where women are totally nude) photos were taken during special events thus the outfits.
Be sure to check out Julia and Tina, two very attractive women sure to satisfy those men looking for young attractive women with great bodies.

Bernd’s is the place to come if you want to see totally naked women in daylight conditions. It’s common to see all their body parts directly in front of you. Women will even drop to their knees at the bar while you’re having a beer. Do yourself a favor and visit the oldest, best known and original FKK Sauna club which started it all. Experience what those of decades ago enjoyed and which today is so hard to find.

When you’re finished and ready to depart, get dressed and make your way to the front counter. They’ll ask for your locker key number and get your tab ready. You’ll pay your tab (Cash Only0. Your girl will be called to the desk, you’ll pay her directly. She’ll then walk you to the front door and kiss you good bye.

Bernd’s has anywhere from 10 -20 women at any given time. Most of the top bookers will be in the room and many spend a great deal of time in the room. BJ is common but again if you require it make sure you’re clean down there.

Bernd’s Sauna-Club GmbH
Schieferhof 28
53773 Hennef (Lichtenberg)
Tel.: 02248-1529
GPS: 50.7390 & 7.3345
Website FKK Club Bernd’s
Bernd’s on Twitter

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70€ Entry Fee
50€ 30 Minutes
Anal is extra

Daily 1:00pm – 12:00am
Saturday and Sundays CLOSED
Holidays CLOSED

FOOD: Included
Hot Buffet Served all day

All cash no credit cards or ATM

Special Events
Theme Events
Maid Day
Secretary Day
Karneval Party
Halloween Party
Christmas Party

Hard drinks
Soft drinks
Coffee, Tea

Sports TV
Garden with sunbathing
No Smoking club with smoking area
Sleeping area
Free Wifi
Massage and Erotic Massage 25 Euros 30 minutes

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