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Industrial and Technology sites and tours you may want to visit during your FKK Club Tour

German FKK Clubs were designed and built to cater to the business client. Decades ago, most FKK Clubs were located near or within Industry and Technology areas. Workers who came from all over Europe and worked at the factories created a demand for FKK Clubs. This is why at that time many had 10am – 12:00am hours. At the time, clubs were not set up for visiting the entire day. Food was not served and the majority of guests would visit for just a few hours. The FKK Club system has changed over the years to satisfy the needs of their clients and to compete with new clubs. Prices have changed over the last decade. Most clubs did not offer extended time with the women as everything was based on short time enjoyment. You arrived, got undressed, showered, wore only a towel, found a woman or two, had a drink, showered and got dressed and went on your way. Today, with more non-Germans than before who want the most from their entry fee clubs offer meals, snacks, pizza and even places to sleep. Guests are encouraged to stay all day. Over the last few years it’s estimated that FKK Clubs have doubled in number. Many come and go and just change their names and pricing.

From Stuttgart to Dusseldorf, you’ll find automotive factories and manufacturing plants. Germany is a country built on engineering, design and manufacturing with products world renowned for quality and design.

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