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PRIVATE FKKTOUR HOURLY TOUR (Includes 6 Hours or less)

If you can’t attend one of our 6 or 8 day tours which are only available during the dates shown HERE
we offer private one on one guide service 365 days a year. Private Hourly Tours are for 1 or more
persons and can be as short or as long as needed on any given day.  If you require more days, a Custom Tour can be designed to meet your multiple day needs, with hotel included.
An Hourly Tour includes the following:

Should you wish to book an Hourly Tour, we require some advance notice, at least 48 hours (the more the better) so we can locate an available guide in your area.

To check to see if a guide is available during your selected dates and times please use this form

Once we confirm your guide is available we require you to make a small deposit of $35.00US
on our discreet and secure server to confirm your reservation.

If time is of the essence, we suggest making the deposit now (which is refundable in full if no guide can be located).

We offer hourly tours in the Frankfurt area SEE MAP BELOW

What happens on an hourly tour?:
Driver and guide picks you up from your location, transports you to the club of choice, explains
entry fee, rules of engagement, proper etiquette, pricing structure and offers tips on how to select,
who to select and pitfalls. Your guide will also give you a tour of the premises, show you the available facilities and layout of the club. Your guide will be available to you for your entire stay. Once your agreed upon time has elapsed, the guide will return you to the pick up location or if arranged to another location. The total cost of your tour, minus the initial deposit, is paid in cash when the guide arrives. 175 Euros for 6 hours.  Convert this to other currencies HERE

Please see this link for details on HOURLY TOURS (6 hour or more)

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