Are FKK Clubs Legal?

Are German FKK Clubs Legal?

YES, Prostitution is legal in Germany. Clubs and the women are taxed; women pay about 20 Euros per day in taxes, which the clubs include in their daily fee.

Over the past decade we’ve seen and witnessed Police raids.  “Razzia” is the German word for “Police Raid”. These raids are rather common and happen on a regular basis.
Police show up unannounced and in an organized group, blocking arriving and departing customers and working staff. The raids usually are not targeted at customers. They
focus on the women and staff working at the club. Customers are usually separated from the women in a different part of the club. Women are rounded up and asked to produce documentation for legal residency.

These events can last from 2 to 6 hours depending on what is found, how many women and how large the club is. Sometimes drug dogs are used, who make a sweep of the locker rooms.

It’s common that a few girls will be removed from the club by police for assorted reasons.

Once in a while police will set up stops along the highway (usually around bends) or where you don’t have time or room to avoid them. Most of the time they’re checking for alcohol and drugs. They’ll give you a quick look and then wave you on your way.  Some of these check points are specifically set up for people coming and going from the clubs. Police know people drink and even one or two drinks can result in a drunk driving arrest.

Since the EU has removed the physical borders, border police have taken to the highways. Usually in areas where people commonly cross from one country to another, such as autobahns and back roads coming from the Netherlands going to Germany. Police know people bring drugs so they randomly stop cars for inspection. They’re also interested in people coming into Germany from other countries, thus it’s best to always carry your passport with you. You’ll be asked for your passport.

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