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FKKTOURS provides airport pick up, return and all your transportation to and from Germany's BEST FKK Clubs. Leave the driving, planning and logistics to us. With over 20 years of proven service and thousands of satisfied repeat guests. One price paid via US dollars includes your hotel, transportation, airport pick up and return to Germany's best FKK Clubs. You'll be traveling with other English speaking guests.
We are the “Go to FKK Club Experts” with more expertise and experience than all others combined. We take pride in being the FKK Club Travel Concierge at affordable prices. No one has connections with owners, staff and the women like we do. We open doors that are closed to everyone else. When you travel with us you’ll be treated like a king with special privileges unknown to the normal FKK Club visitor.  A common question is “What’s the best club?”  The answer is it’s all relative and why we’re so good at what we do. We get to know our customers; their likes, dislikes, needs and dreams, and with that data we direct them to the best clubs and girls. Others are wasting your time and money experimenting and trying to figure it all out. The internet is filled with cons, so-called experts and even club plants who post false info to steer unknowing guests their way.

If you don’t know about Germany and the FKK Club scene you’re in for a surprise. Legal, safe and affordable; nothing else in the world compares to it. Variety and big numbers are just a few of the benefits, as Women from all over the world work at the clubs. Clubs have been known to have up to 150 women at one time.  A far cry from normal brothels where you arrive, are forced to make a decision, rushed to a room, serviced and then escorted out, FKK Clubs are about comfort and spending the day if you so desire. You can take your time to choose, mingle with totally nude women and enjoy good food and drink. Everything is provided; towels, robes, sandals, showers, soap and lockers, all for one entry fee. Stay as long as you wish.  Most clubs are open from 11am – 1am while others are open till 5am. During warmer months, things take place outside as well. Imagine being surrounded by dozens of totally nude model quality international women, 18 years and older,  all available to you.

Forget escort rates of $300 or more.  The rates at the clubs are set and so are the service standards.  50 euros for 30 minutes (about $54 US dollars)  Legendary GFE “Girl Friend Experience” service is standard. Germans are known for setting high standards and demanding quality service.

Our Group tours begin and end in Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA), Germany’s largest airport, with more flights and connections than any other domestic airport.

We don’t cancel tours like the other guys; never have and never will. If you book, rest assured your tour will take place. Once booked, our staff will help you with all logistics, planning and any questions or concerns. We’ll be here for you when you need someone most. You’ll have constant contact with staff via messaging or phone.

If you’re looking to join a group or create your own tour, we can help. Give us your dates and needs and we’ll put together a package to suit you.
We offer three formats of tours:
1. Group Tours Set date 6 or 8 Day group tours which include hotel and all logistics during your tour. You’ll travel with other guests from all over the world.
Calendar dates of these tours can be found HERE
Note: 6 Day tours are in RED.  8 Day tours begin and end in YELLOW.
2. Hourly Tours These can be any number of hours for one day and do not include hotel. We pick you up from the airport, train station or your hotel and transport you to the club. Everything is explained in English; rules, pricing, history, culture, basics and even recommended talent. More on Hourly Tours HERE
Price starts at 195 Euros.  A $30US dollar deposit is required in advance, with the balance of 170 Euros paid in cash when your guide arrives.
The basic fee includes up to 6 hours (which includes travel time to and from the club). You can add more clubs, days or hours as needed.  See the link above.
3. Private Group Tours Multi day tours that include hotel and all logistics during your tour. Please see our yearly calendar (Dates in Orange) for available dates HERE.

Should the dates on our calendar not work for you (dates marked in Gray) HERE, we can still arrange something for you as a “Custom Tour”. Please use the contact link at the top of the page or HERE.  Let us know the dates you wish to attend, what city in Germany and the number of participants.

While there are literally clubs all over Germany, the best are located in these two regionsNorth Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse.

Want the best experience and the least hassles?  Don’t want to waste time, make common newbie mistakes or go to the wrong clubs at the wrong times? We’re your wingman, for the solo traveler or the more affordable group visitor. Learn the ropes from the very best, get info not found on the internet or even known by the public. You’ll be put in touch with the right women, the best clubs and have the time of your life. All you need to do is book a tour, book your flight, arrive at the meeting point and in minutes your guide will meet you. Leave it all to us; sit back, enjoy the sights. Group tours have other advantages, such as you’ll be traveling with other hobbyists like yourself who’ll share their knowledge and experiences. Real people, not imaginary folk on the internet who hide behind a false image or screen name. This is why we’ve been trusted for over 20 years and have more repeat guests than anyone else. No one compares to our experience or services, period. Take care when looking for a guide, they’ll promise you everything and even offer lowball prices. Take care when dealing with any person or business that requests you bring a lump sum of cash for payment when you arrive. This is not how most legit businesses operate and often may end in a crime or you being taken advantage of.

FKKTOURS provides airport pick up, return and all your transportation to and from Germany’s BEST FKK Clubs. Leave the driving, planning and logistics to us. We have over 20 years of proven service and thousands of satisfied repeat guests. One price paid in US dollars includes your hotel, transportation, airport pick up and return to Germany’s best FKK Clubs. You’ll be traveling with other English speaking guests.

Germany is known for more than thousands of beautiful Castles and landscapes
Germany is known for more than a thousand beautiful castles and landscapes

Watch this video for an idea of the quality and number of women you’ll find at an FKK Club

What do we offer?
We’re a service providing EASY, ECONOMICAL and ORGANIZED access to the world’s best Men’s clubs. German FKK Clubs began over 30 years ago, developed by a man who wanted something better. German FKK Clubs are LEGAL, SAFE and COST EFFECTIVE spa’s for men. Designed for an entire day of relaxation, enjoyment and pleasure. Once you arrive, one entry fee includes fine food, drinks (often free beer), luxury surroundings, outdoor gardens, lavish barbecues, music, pools, Jacuzzi, massage and of course over 100 totally nude FKK Club women. Imagine a strip club on steroids; total nudity, without the black lights, dark rooms or limitations of no touching. Party with the most beautiful women in the world. Want more?  That’s possible as well and for a fraction of what you’ve been paying. Visit your first FKK Club now.

Due to the discreet nature of our business we’re unable to provide you with direct contact info for our testimonials. We do guarantee them to be authentic and written by actual FKK Tour guests.

FKK Tour Testimonials:

Joe S.F. CA USA Lawyer 59
I’ve been on over 5 of these trips and will keep doing them cause you can’t beat the cost. FKK Tour does all the trip planning, reservations, driving and navigation, things I don’t want to worry about. Germany is now my number 1 adult destination.

Bob OR FL USA Doctor 52
My biggest problem is time and FKK Tour went out of their way to plan my trip to make the most of my time off. It’s easy, just get off the plane, they pick you up, sit back enjoy the view, they know all the best clubs. After a full day of fun you won’t want to be the one driving or worrying about anything but sleep anyway.

Lee SD CA USA Doctor 48
I’ve made so many friends on these trips. You’ll see more going with the tour as they are most efficient in getting you to the clubs. The guides are always helpful and available to translate and work out special requests from the ladies. I go as often as 3 times a year.

Arnie OC CA Writer 38
I used to frequent Nevada till I went on my first Germany FKK tour years ago. You can’t compare the quality of women, the service and especially the price. Even after going to the clubs alone I prefer going with a group and the tour. When you compare the hotel, transportation and time, taking the tour makes total sense.

Tako TY Japan Engineer 28
Company include Japanese translator which made easier for me. I like the many model type women, quality is number 1, service is like Girl Friend. Women and clubs were very friendly to Asian man. Guides do all driving and work, you relax and enjoy the many women.

John LB CA USA Banker 36
I was skeptical at first but after my first trip I was hooked. The women I could only dream of are plentiful and the price is right. I’ve driven in Europe before and it’s not fun or easy. I arrived as a stranger and by the end of the week I had a bunch of new friends who enjoy the same hobby. Everything they say on the FKK Tour web site is true, it’s a great deal and the best way to go.

Martin LV NV Attorney 35
I checked these guys out before reserving my seat. They answered all my questions, helped me plan my flight and were there for me the entire trip. I can enjoy the German beer and not worry about driving or finding my hotel. This will be my 3rd trip. Believe me this is the ultimate adult vacation deal and FKK Tour makes it even easier.

Alex LA CA
I’ve been to Thailand, Nevada, Mexico, Holland and even Canada but nothing holds a candle to these German FKK Club tours. No need to go out and search for women, no surprises as they’re all nude without the low lighting you find at strip clubs. You don’t pay for sitting with them, you only pay for the actual fun in the room. No rushing, no women who are afraid of touching you and best of all they actually seem to enjoy it. The clubs are impeccably clean, safe and even provide your food and drink at no extra charge. The girls I talked to even have regular medical check ups. No problems getting into the clubs cause the FKK Tour guides know club management well. Did I mention SELECTION, it’s true, nothing compares, you’re like a kid in a candy store with women from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Terry SJ CA Retired 64
I’m over 60 and I thought I’d be with a bunch of young studs, but to my surprise the average guy was about 45. My next worry was being older that I’d have trouble performing so much. Forget Viagra, the women were so hot and into me I did 6 the first day. Everything is explained to you in English, the club rules, pricing and even some tips that really helped me get the most out of my trip. Never could have done this alone of without FKK Tour.

Dean NY NY IT 33
I’m Black and I was worried about how I’d be treated by the women and clubs. I had heard that some clubs don’t allow non- Germans. FKK tour ensured me I had nothing to worry about, in fact being Black was a positive as lots of the women were attracted to me. Never got turned down and never had a problem getting into the clubs thanks to Fkk Tour.

Jeff NY NY Handicapped 32
FKK Tour is a handicapped friendly company and made a special effort to help ensure me a great time. Even the ladies did not have a problem with my handicaps. I was treated like all the other guests and had a great time. Truly the best time for your money.

Jess CA Handicapped 48
FKK Tour went out of their way to make my trip simple, fun and safe. They picked me up from the airport, got me special treatment at the clubs. Explained the rules, pricing and even helped me pick the right women. Most companies won’t deal with Blind or handicapped folks but FKK Tour welcomed me
Visit the BEST German FKK Clubs with the Experts

Who are we?
We’re actual customers who’ve discovered German FKK clubs over 20 years ago. We know the history, girls, club management and culture. With over 500 FKK Clubs located in Germany its about finding the best FKK Clubs, FKK Girls and when to visit, what’s happening and when, how to get to them and joining an organized trip with other guests who speak the same language as you. Remember, you’ll be in Germany where English is not the native language
Most Knowledgeable FKK Club Experts Since 1995

More details
Over 20 years ago our founders discovered the FKK Club scene, which at the time was rarely mentioned on the internet or in books. In fact, most people who read about it could not believe it existed. On their first visit to Germany to confirm what they’d read they entered a dream world. From the outside most German FKK Clubs look like typical homes or businesses with nothing different except perhaps larger address numbers. Yet, once you ring the door bell you realize you’re not at a normal house. Back then a totally nude woman would answer the door, ask you if you’d been there before and then hand you a set of towels. You’d pay your entry fee, get undressed, shower and make your way to the heart of the club, which was usually a living room.

German FKK Clubs for the most part were converted homes and sometimes located in urban neighborhoods. Girls came from a variety of countries and often you found one working her way through college. What differed is that the women were younger, 18 – 29, better looking than you’d expect and the service was beyond expectation. This is where they discovered what “GFE” was, a term which means Girl Friend Experience. Without going into details, it was like being with a girl friend.  No boundaries, limits, exceptions or games like you would normally expect. In fact, it turned out that the concept was not that uncommon. Clubs in those days were not for everyone; there were clubs for just Germans and then clubs for everyone else. If you did not speak the language fluently you were not allowed in.

Over the years the concept caught on and bigger clubs opened. While not offering the hospitality of the smaller clubs, the bigger ones had volume going for them. What made the whole business different than the rest of the world was “service”.  The women and clubs took pride in offering the best possible service. Consider the fact that paid sex in Germany is legal and has been that way for ages.  Almost every large city has a red light district similar to Amsterdam. The difference with the clubs is they have rules, standards and expectations. Customers are no different than say a barber shop, where clients come back because of the great service. The other part of this is cost. Twenty years ago at an FKK club the cost was about $20 US for 30 minutes. Entry, which included soft-drinks, coffee, tea and water plus small snacks was $20 US.  This was a cost effective system for men who worked in the area, were single or just wanted some fun. Today, over 500 of these clubs of varying sizes exist.  Other countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic have opened clubs with a similar system, but none of them have been able to reproduce it at the price and quality as in Germany.
We’re connected with more clubs than anyone else

What does our service include?
Our service offers a single payment package deal, paid via secure credit card server. We pick you up from the airport.  All your transportation needs are arranged while you stay with us, which includes 1-2 club visits per day and transportation to and from the hotel. An experienced English and German speaking guide with over 20 years experience will show you the ropes, translate if needed and be there for you during your visit. During your visit, we often do some site seeing as the tour extends from the Frankfurt area 200km north to Cologne, Dusseldorf and Bonn. You’ll visit approximately 10 of the best FKK Clubs in Germany on a 6 day tour and 12-14 on an 8 day tour. Every club is different. While the concept is the same they’re in various locations. Most now include food, which ranges from fully catered meals to buffet style meals.  Drinks such as soft-drinks, coffee, tea and juices are included in your entry fee. Many of the clubs include free beer while the majority charge extra for hard liquor and cocktails. You’re provided with a robe, towels, slippers and a facility with shower, toilets and a secure locker. Our service does not include what you’ll pay for entertainment with the women, nor does it include entry fees to the clubs, although from decades of working with the clubs we offer discount rates to some of the clubs, which we pass along to our guests.  Airfare is not included in our package deal.

Here’s what we include:

  • Hotel accommodations (except Hourly Tours)
  • Arrival (Frankfurt International Airport) Pick up and Return
  • Transportation to and from the clubs
  • 24 Hour Fluent German and English Guide with 20+ years experience
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced driver
  • Sightseeing, Club History, Rules and Culture explained
  • Club connected staff who help you get in and stay out of trouble
  • Payment via all major credit cards with discreet secure payment
  • You’ll travel with other English speaking visitors

World’s first FKK Club tour, over 20 years Experience, since 1995

The term “FKK” in German stands for “Frei Koerper Kultur” which means “Free Body Culture” in English and is normally used to reference nudist resorts.  In fact, if you Google the term you’ll find nudist locations and travel destinations. Clubs added the term over 20 years ago to define the difference between a normal brothel and the ones where the women and men were naked. Today at most of the clubs the women remain totally naked, with the exception of high heels. At one time, the men were only supplied with a towel to wrap around their waist and slippers. The other term used is “Sauna Club”, which means inside the club you’ll find a sauna. At some clubs today the women are not totally nude; they wear bathing suits or lingerie, but are still included in the same category as true FKK clubs.  What separates them today is the GFE services they provide, which is not common in other paid sex locations.

FKK Clubs are known for their variety of nationalities, races and younger age groups. Since it’s a legal business, women from all over the globe come to German FKK clubs to work. Due to the recent changes in the EU you’ll find women from almost every country. Clubs have standards, rules and guidelines which differs from the independent working women; thus women in the Clubs are expected to offer a higher standard of service.

Entry fees range from 25-65 Euros for full day access, which includes all the food and drink you can handle. Breakfast is served for several hours after the Club opens, with lunch and dinner typically at set hours afterwards. Some clubs include a full restaurant that is available during your entire visit. Usually located on a large private property, facilities often include Pools, Jacuzzi,  Sauna, Volley ball courts, Sun bathing areas and Gardens. During the summer months, BBQ’s are held outdoors as well as nude sun bathing fun. You’d be hard pressed to find a strip club which offered all day entrance, with all you can eat and drink plus use of the facilities for one low price. Most guests stay the entire day, enjoy the sites, use the facilities, dine on great food and beverages, all in the company of up to 100 women at one time.

Women for the most part wear only heels, but at some clubs will be wearing skimpy bathing suits and enticing lingerie. You’ll be surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful women. You can dine with them, drink with them and just watch them. For the adventurous, fun happens everywhere in the clubs and is not discouraged; however, there are private rooms for use at no extra charge. You’ll be provided with a robe, towel and slippers. There is no pressure to engage with the women but be warned you’ll get smiles, be approached and have lots of opportunities. Half the fun of these clubs is just being in proximity to so many attractive young women.

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We’ve been offering trips since 1995, no one else has more experience and knowledge. Over 20 years of professionally guided service, over 1,000 successful tours and thousands of customers. Most of our customers are RETURN guests; see our Frequent Traveler page. We’re the ONLY Club approved and authorized tour service which directly accepts credit cards (for your safety).  Beware of third party payments via PayPal COPYCATS use;  there’s a reason they don’t have a merchant account to accept credit cards directly. Never pay in cash or via wire transfers. We use an SSL secure server for all payments. Trusted. Fluent in English and German. We provide the ultimate FKK Experience.

We are DISABLED GUEST friendly

We also provide service for Japanese guests
Japanese Version of FKKTOUR
Japanese Version

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Germany is the land of plenty; fine beer, fast cars and some of the world’s most beautiful women. The Germans invented the ultimate Men’s Spa which today is copied in Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Czech Republic; however nothing compares to the original in value, number of women or service.

Germany is world famous for some of the best sports cars in the world

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